This I Believe

Anthony-Jon - Lake Oswego, Oregon
Entered on January 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: peace

I Believe…

I believe in late night walks. I believe in their calming, soothing power over the soul. I believe that there is something miraculous about them, something hiding within the blackness of evening. I believe that the sharp cold air of evening is the best amphetamine around, cutting through any lazy thoughts right to the bone, invigorating your mind and your spirit.

I believe that such late night strolls should be taken with friends. Such walks where you will find no talking, but volumes of dialogue shared in the dark. And within these volumes lies the key to your friends, to yourself, as your minds meld. Your souls seek companionship underneath the tapestry of the universe and surely that’s where you’ll find each other: on your evening strolls, through the crisp summer night air.

I believe that these nighttime walks should be taken with a lover. For, what indeed is more romantic than the full moon over water on a clear night? Or the clear blue light from the stars illuminating a countryside scene? What could possibly taste sweeter than the privacy provided by the enveloping evening? And there it is in front of you: love, on your nighttime walks in the tender dark.

I believe that late night walks should be taken alone. Alone, where you can question anything and everything, seeking the honesty of the heavens, stark and naked, standing above you on your walk. By yourself you’ll often find tiny drops of wisdom among the late night dew. Unaccompanied you’ll hear the melancholy of your mind drip into your soul as you stare out over the glimmering lights of the city, not quite real from such a distance. You’ll see yourself in every steaming breath you exhale while it rises to meet the sky.