This I Believe

amanda - rancho mirage, California
Entered on January 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Love, it is that four letter word that has puzzled us for centuries. We write about it, we praise it, criticize it and disclaim it, but have never really understood its complexity and importance in our lives. It is something so abstract and intangible that it is difficult to understand on a scientific or even social level. We have dictionary definitions for it, but for most this is all in vain; a waste of words, of ink, of space in a book, for love is something that cannot be adequately explained in words. It is the feeling of two hearts together, beating as one and not even the best poets have been able to fully capture its grace.

I believe in love. And more importantly, I believe in love at first sight. My racing heart, the lightheadedness and nervousness is not coincidental. The way I feel around him is so much more than the naïve crush many people wrongly accuse me of having. It is almost as if the world was to end and every moment had to be remembered, savored and tucked into that perfect place in my consciousness. From that first time I saw him, those clear blue eyes and wavy blonde hair, model hair his friends teased, to our first clumsy and almost awkward attempts at casual conversation and even to when I had to brokenheartedly say goodbye, I have always felt different towards him; he really was something special. In my head he was, and still is, the ocean and he will always be the stars.

Our conversations were never circles; they often mimicked the simple and perfect melody of our song. Yes, our song, the song we sang that night alone in our friend’s car at God knows what time of the night, when time it seemed, was nothing more than a cumbersome man made increment that didn’t matter; nothing mattered; only he and I were in existence. We lived in our own world, the civilizations we created with our words. We talked and sang, laughed and dreamed. It was more than enough and we knew this. I felt it and I know he did too. He taught me something that night, he taught me how to love and be loved.

Love is the base, the foundation from which we build our lives onto. A love of money, of education, of children, of helping, our passion for change and love for another is how we have built our world. I believe in nothing more than love, and love at first sight, how it shapes, molds and keeps our conglomerated and forever changing societies together, it is the one truly human quality we are all capable of.