This I Believe

Andy - Palm Desert, California
Entered on January 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the wisdom of moderation. I believe that it is the cure for every single problem that plagues this planet and its inhabitants. I look at my life, though short, and see how it has been a positive tool in making me not only a successful student, but also a happy person. I enjoy school and I work hard to make sure that I get the grades that reflect well on me, but I am not the type of student who overloads on his classes. Like a computer that is running too many programs, a person can short out and crash from their workload. However, the opposite is just as bad as this. If you are doing the bare minimum amount of work, you not doing anything but wasting hard drive. Moderation in high school has brought me a comfortable and happy lifestyle that many my age do not have the luxury of having.

Coming from a middle class family, I have grown accustomed to a pleasant house, two cars, and a dog. I have not had to face the burden of worrying what bills we can afford to pay each month, or whether I have to work full time to support my family. However, I am by no means rich and do not have the possessions that some of my wealthy friends have. There is no talk under my roof if I should receive a brand new iphone or numerous vacations across the world. I know the importance of a dollar, and how it can be stretched to live a prosperous life.

The first words of moderation were put into my head by my grandfather when I was in the sixth grade. He would often talk about his own parents, who helped instill into him the values that I hold. From his father he would learn the lessons of working hard for your family and doing it honestly. From his mother, he learned that the most fulfilling life you could achieve was by not living on the extremes of life. She taught that when you are the farthest distance away from the fence you alienate yourself and the people around you. Everybody has a different set of beliefs and values, it is impossible for us all to agree on every issue. However, as human beings we are designed to work together to make life easier for our society, if we didn’t, nothing would get accomplished.

My upbringing has taught me that a prosperous life is not about picking a side, be it a lifestyle or decision, but being able to look at both choices and try to find a common ground where you stay true to yourself, but also give an open ear.