This I Believe

Stephen - Palm Desert, California
Entered on January 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

I believe people who work hard at life in the beginning reach the reward in the end. Everything takes hard work and dedication if you want to be successful. Those who don’t believe success is in hard work than they can say fail, impossible, and unsuccessful because they will never make it to the top.

Ever since I was a little boy starting in first grade I took pride in everything I did whether it was sports, academics, or being the best at tetherball. I had a dilemma entering into second grade; I was playing ice hockey at the local mall where they had an ice rink and the mall decided to close down the ice rink. Hockey was my first love and true passion. I said I wanted to play in the NHL and would do all I could to make it there. My dad allowed me to follow my dreams and we traveled together 85 miles each way to go to practice twice a week and then traveled even further to play games and tournaments.

As I started to move up in grade, my work load became more intense. I wanted to be challenged so I took the hardest classes I could possibly take to break a mental sweat. As my dad drove me to practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I did my homework in the bumpy car and then went to practice.

I was very dedicated to be the best. Once I became older like around high school age my parents had told me that we did not have enough money for me to play hockey. It was hard to stop playing but what could I do. In that case I picked up two high school sports, football and track.

I’ve never played football or ran track. I started playing these sports sophomore year. I didn’t start on jv football and I was extremely slow on jv track. During my junior I picked up weight lifting and that became my addiction. I ran sprints everyday and work out. By the time football had come around I was in the best shape I have ever been but then I tore a ligament in my hip. My whole junior year of sports was done. Instead of sobbing and dreading the fact that I couldn’t play football or track I just couldn’t wait for the day when I could start training again. Once that day came I began to work hard again.

Senior year arrived and I was once again in very good shape but this time I didn’t get injured. I played well my last year of football and received first team all DVL, first team all CIF, and first team all riverside county. I believe in never giving up whether there are hurdles or bumps in the roads. I just plan on running through them. Nothing will stop me to reach my dream in becoming a professional athlete.