This I Believe

Lauren - Moore, South Carolina
Entered on January 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Believing in something is essential in life. No matter who you are, there is always something that someone believes in. I believe mainly in four things: I believe that with great power comes great responsibility, I believe that money can’t buy love or happiness, I believe in a reasonable rate of return, and I believe that it’s never too late to change the way you see things.

I greatly believe that with great power comes great responsibility. I strongly believe that this statement is true because if someone worked their way to the top of a company or the top of a government and abused their position, it could end up disastrous. If someone gets to the position, I believe that the person should not bask I their glory and do nothing, but act as soon as they are put in their position or their office. There are people who do just that, and they are the people who succeed in what they do and make a difference.

As the Beatles said, “Money can’t buy me love.” If love is strong enough, it should be for who a person really is, not if they are rich or not. In my opinion, it isn’t right to base a relationship on that; love should not be secured from the buying of expensive things, which many people are attracted to. It should be based on true love, through personality, and not a person‘s face. If a person has moral values that are greater than other peoples, love should conquer financial issues which can, overtime, be trounced.

I also believe in a reasonable rate of return, as said by LeChiffre in a James Bond movie. This quote hit me unlike any other quote I have heard before. I didn’t think that he was right until I thought about it in depth. When given something to hold on to, as in a business exchange, I didn’t realize at the time that giving it all back with no complications is appropriate, particularly after saying this line to the customer. A reasonable rate of return is just another interesting thing that I believe in and like to hold to myself.

The greatest statement that I believe in is, it is never too late to change the way you see things. I believe that when you see something one way and honestly change your mind, the change should be accepted. The only hard part of this statement is that people lie now more than ever. I still believe in this myself, and tend not to change my mind. Now I just think things through and take my time before making up my mind about someone. Therefore, I do not instantly label them and miss out on a possible friend.

Believing in something is crucial. Everyone believes in something; whether or not they know it, or admit it is what they think, and not my burden to bear. This is what I believe in, and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t certain about what I believed in until I wrote this essay. Having to think about what I believed in helped me tremendously. Now I have a basis of what I believe in, and what I don’t.