This I Believe

Daniel - Moore, South Carolina
Entered on January 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Without diversity, there is peace. There is no racism, no ignorance, and no prejudice because everyone is the same. There is no such thing. Humans are diverse, and diversity is what makes humans, human.

Growing up, I was not only Canadian living in South Carolina, I was Jewish. My peers didn’t quite understand what I was. Many times I would tell them that I was Jewish, and they would reply, “Oh, I thought you were Canadian.” Being this different gave me a different perspective on not only the world, but also the humans in the world. Most of the kids that I knew, knew one place and one thing, America and Christianity. Which is not to blame them, they were still kids, but I learned that there was more out there at a much earlier age than them.

I do not consider my beliefs to lie entirely in the Jewish faith anymore. Although I am Jewish by heritage and will never forget my roots, I cannot believe in a holy book that was written thousands of years ago that no one can prove is true. I believe that humans and their diversity are what cause things to happen on Earth, and that the only way an omniscient, omnipresent higher power is causing things to happen on Earth is because humans believe in it. Humans believe in different things, which, in the end, will cause problems.

The only way humans will get along is to accept other people’s beliefs, and to learn to accept that not all people think the same as you. This will never happen for all people, but should be strived for. An accepting and tolerant human race is the closest we will ever get to a peaceful world. But then again, it is only human to disagree.