This I Believe

Winifred - Mars, Pennsylvania
Entered on January 7, 2008
Age Group: 65+

I believe in driving the speed limit. Next to being a responsible voter, I believe driving the speed limit is the most patriotic thing I can do for my country. I didn’t always believe in driving the speed limit. I use to drive whatever I thought was a safe speed for me and where I was going and how much time I had to get there. In other words, I almost always drove faster than the speed limit without thinking much about the risks to myself and others.

Then one day I found myself getting more and more frustrated with how dangerously fast people were driving past my house in my neighborhood. What was wrong with these people? How could they be so selfish risking injury and possible death to themselves, thier families and everyone around them. Suddenly, the light went on!! Wasn’t I doing the very same thing in front of other people’s houses in other people’s neighborhoods?

It became so clear. The speed limit is NOT a suggestion. It’s the LAW. It’s called a “speed limit” for a reason. It is designed for my protection and safety. Driving the designated speed limit gives me time to react to dangerous situations. It helps me stay in control of my vehicle. Driving the speed limit helps insure my safety and those around me. By driving the speed limit, I’m saving lives, saving gasoline and thereby, helping to save our planet.

I wish we could start a campaign to get folks to become more aware of the value and wisdom of driving the speed limit. A campaign similar to the one we had for wearing seat belts. No one wanted to wear them in the beginning but little by little people learned that it was the smart, practical, safe thing to do. We need to see that driving the speed limit is also the smart, practical, safe thing to do.

How about a new bumber sticker that reads:

Save Lives — Drive The Speed Limit

Save Gas — Drive The Speed Limit

Save Earth — Drive The Speed Limit

Thank You.