This I Believe

ashley - Des Plaines, Illinois
Entered on January 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope, pleasure

I believe that Happiness is in the heart not in the occasion

“Happiness is in the heart not in the occasion.” The moment I read this quote that I fished from out of my fortune cookie, my way of looking at life changed completely. We have all felt happy in the moment or thought, “ If only I was rich, Id be happy” or “ If only I could leave this country and never come back, Id be happy.” I feel that no material object or destination can control your happiness. I’m very lucky to have opened that fortune cookie the day that I did. I never would have thought nine words could change my life as much as it has.

What did happiness use to mean to me? It meant having lots of clothes and money, lots of friends and having everyone like you, and getting everything that I wanted. What I now realize about the way I thought back then is that if you have things and people in your life that control your happiness, what are you left when they have all gone? I now know that you cannot let anything or anyone but yourself determine your happiness and emotions. I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m one of the people that have realized what happiness really means to them before it’s too late. Some may never find where their inner happiness comes from; they live a life not knowing what truly makes them happy. My mom was almost one of the unlucky ones. Stress and anger were feelings she had inside of her more often then not. The power these feelings had on her began to make her sick, so sick that she was diagnosed with cancer. Her life was almost taken from her and she decided that something needed to change. From then on, her outlook on life changed. She fought through the cancer. It may have taken some time but now when I see her she is a completely different person. Every obstacle she comes across no matter how challenging or stressful it is, that never takes away her happiness. I think that happiness is what makes you live. It brings with it other things in life that people think make you happy. Such as love, friendship, memories, and experiences. I feel that these meanings and feelings don’t decide your happiness; if you’re happy then everything comes together. No one can be happy all the time. We are all human; it is our way of life to feel pain and sorrow. These feelings come and go and if you are truly happy deep inside your happiness will soon resurface. Happiness and joy is sometimes contagious. I feel its good for your soul, and comes from the heart.