This I Believe

Rachel - DesPlaines, Illinois
Entered on January 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Impossible, the incapability of being true, hopelessly unsuitable, difficult, or objectionable. It’ the truth some things in life are impossible to accomplish or get done.

As a child I never thought that anything would be impossible. I thought that I could do anything I wanted and that every wish and dream I had would come true. I use to always want to please everyone and make them happy. I hated it if someone was mad at me because I would always just assume that everything was my fault. After a while it hit me that it isn’t always easy to make everyone happy because every one has their own opinions on things.

As I grew up I began to believe and learn that it is impossible to please everyone, so we should all stop trying to do that. I grew up with three girls that were probably the best friends that I will ever have, but there was always something about our friendship that wasn’t right. It was like my two other friends and I were always trying to please are one friend. It was like nothing ever made her happy, yet we would do whatever it would take to make her not mad at us. We would make decisions based on her behalf and we never would think of what we wanted or what we thought was right. I couldn’t really tell you exactly why we did this; I think it was because it was so hard to get her to forgive us that we didn’t feel like having to deal with it. Once we all entered high school thing started to change. We were all meeting new people and she never liked the people that we started to hang out with. It was like we had to choose between her or our other friends all the time. After a while this was causing problems between us and our other friends. I remember always hearing “Oh, why do you guys always do everything she wants?” After hearing that so much it hit me, “Why do I, why do we?” I finally came to realize that I couldn’t always think of what she wanted, and that I had to think of what made me happy. Making my own decisions on what I thought was right and not what she thought was right really changed me as a person. It seemed like everything got easier and I didn’t always have guilt on me that I did something wrong or that I didn’t make her happy. As a result my two friends and I lost her as a friend.

As years of my life go by I have had to make decisions between friends and relationships, and it is never easy because it seems like I am always hurting someone, or someone is never happy with the decisions I make. Which brings to me to how not everyone is going to support your decisions in life. You have to make your own decisions and do what’s best for you, because it literally is impossible to make every single one of your friends or family members pleased with you. You are your own person and you have to do what you think is best. You have to follow your heart and do what your heart desires. If something makes you happy and not one of your friends, then so be it, you can’t parade around in life trying to please everyone. No matter what, I have learned to just keep my head up high and never give up because in this world people are always going to have something to say, so I say, just forget them because those who matter don’t mind and those whose mind don’t matter. It is impossible to please everyone, so why try?