This I Believe

Julia - Lake Oswego, Oregon
Entered on January 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Ever since I was ten I’ve had to deal with a furry, four legged, beast running around my home. Morning after morning I’d wake up with my sneakers chewed, my jeans peed on, and to my disappointment, my unfinished homework still on the counter uneaten. Yet no matter how many shoes got chewed I always loved my dog, Molly.

I firmly believe that dogs are man’s best friend. If you honestly love and care for your dog they’ll return a friendship deeper than any other you’ll ever have. My dog Molly is my best friend. I’ve experienced a friendship with her for five years now and have just recently realized how much it means to me.

Unlike most of my human friends Molly has never spread rumors about me, she’s always thrilled to see me, and we both never get tired of each others company. We both enjoy taking long walks in the freezing cold, chasing balls around for hours at a time, and filling days with sleeping and eating. Not only is she a loyal playmate but also a dear friend that has helped me overcome a longtime fear of the dark.

 I lay awake in the dark afraid to close my eyes. Every object in my room has officially become a potential zombie about to eat me. Psycho maniacs with chainsaws glared a me through my window. My night-light glowed in the corner warding off most of the escaped convicts but there were still more hiding under the bed ready to chop off my Achilles tendon if I so much as breathed. Closing my eyes I tried thinking of something else but images of zombies from the hills have eyes kept lurking in my thoughts. Then I heard something. A hysterical laugh from a jigsaw doll? That annoying croaking sound from the grudge girl? A snore? Yeah I was pretty sure it was a snore. I looked around my room and saw my dog laying on the edge of my bed, sprawled out, and snoring. Suddenly all of the zombies, psychos, and cons disappeared and i realized i was perfectly safe. As long as Molly was there no zombie would dare eat me. Rolling over I said a soft “I love you” patted her belly, and went back to sleep.

Since I can remember I’ve been afraid of the dark. At night I’d lay awake too afraid to close my eyes. Sometimes I’d grab my blankets and pillows and go into my parents’ room and park my things on the floor. I’d sleep in there every night for months! This calmed my fears temporarily but I missed sleeping in my own room. Than we got Molly. At first she’d sleep in the kitchen away from all of us but soon me and her earned each others trust. Soon she started creeping into my room in the middle of the night and falling asleep beside my bed. I’d wake up in the morning and trip over her. I tried closing my door at night but she’d always start wining begging to come in. Eventually she and I became “roomies”. After about a month I realized my fear of the dark had completely vanished! For the first time in years I could finally drift off to sleep without monsters or zombies invading my mind. My parents believed it was just me growing out of it but I’ve always believed it was because of my best friend.