This I Believe

Mary - Des Plaines, Illinois
Entered on January 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30


The viola is a very unique instrument and unlike any other. It’s the only instrument that plays in alto clef and is in between the cello and violin with its sound. Violas are considered the joke of the orchestra from other sections, but they do not see the quality and rarity that I do for the luscious instrument. I believe in my viola. I believe that greatness can come from it, that when it is silent and still, no vibrations of the strings or movement of the bow, greatness is trapped in it. I will always have my viola. I will never part with it even if I’m poor and need money for food, I won’t ever sell it. The three grand that it is worth doesn’t faze me in my mind of what I could have instead. I think of it as three grand that’s worth it. Though I have had many rental violas in the past, low quality that felt like a few pieces of cardboard glued together, I stuck with it. I knew one day I’d have my own, to be mine. Almost three years ago this summer I will have had my viola. The one that if my house were to catch on fire it would be the first thing I would grab. I constantly worry if my instrument locker is properly locked at school, if it’s safe. I bring it home every day because I don’t trust it to anyone. I don’t even like it when my brother carries it for me.

My viola has already taken me so many places sometimes I don’t believe it. I have literally traveled the world because of it. Two years ago I flew to Europe with my high school band, orchestra, and choir and played in Austria and the Czech Republic. Three years ago I played in St. Louis and last year I played in Disneyworld.

Playing the viola has been something that I’ve been doing since my childhood years, up until now in high school. And I am positive that it will be with me into my college years, help me get into college and pursue my career. There is so much potential in my self, this I know, and my viola holds that, ready to be expressed through my fingers. I just need to put in the time and practice, though I have been trying. My future will soar because of my viola, because it’s who I am. When I was a little third grade girl I wanted to play the same instrument that my brother once did. He had already stopped playing it by the time I started but it didn’t matter to me. I was that little sister looking up to her big brother. And I’m sure I should thank him some day, for leading me down the path that I’m so glad to have found. My viola is what has made me me. All my past experiences and future travels will always relate back to my viola. The choices I make revolve around my viola and my playing and I trust those decisions most, I trust them with my life.