This I Believe

Anna - Palos Verdes Estates, California
Entered on January 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The Sisters Fate Could Not Handle

I believe friends can become family. There just comes a point in a friendship when friends start behaving like sisters or brothers.

In Fourth Grade, I met new people. We met at a four-week class about riding horses. But, I have not always been great at making friends, no matter how hard I try, so we were shyly spoke when necessary. As we learned about riding, we learned about each other since we spent an hour every week together. For years this went on. Though we did not realize it, we became friends.

Then, as our lessons changed, we discovered a new —well, technically she had been riding one year longer than us— rider. About our age, we decided that she deserved to be our friend. We incorporated her into our riding schedules and soon enough, we grew fond of each other.

We thought that we could not have been closer! It turns out, we could! Just this year, we went to a one-week clinic away from home. Now, you may not think that a week could do anything, but it did. During that one-week clinic, we experienced being cities away from our parents, rooming together, and spending every waking moment in each other’s company. We woke up, dressed, rode, and fought for the shower and beds together! It came to the point where we ran around in our underwear shouting and playing a violent pillow fight game. We talked with confounded boyfriends while the girlfriend was in the shower. We screamed when she came out and started throwing things at us, and we made fools of ourselves in public. Simply, we had too much fun.

We came back changed, and not just our riding skills. Even our parents noticed. Everyone noticed! Now we go to dances together, sleepover more often, and go to each other’s houses more often. Especially my house! It is so close to where we ride that if one of our parents will be late, they just show up at my door.

There is no question: we’re family. “Las trés chicas,” we call ourselves. We are the perfect example of a sisterly bond. Nothing and no one can come between us. This proves friends can become family, and this I totally believe.