This I Believe

Vassily - salt lake city, Utah
Entered on January 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

This I Believe I believe in having integrity. You should not change your standards or any other part of your behavior to fit in with other people. You should behave on the outside to mirror what you believe inside.You need to behave according to the ways and standards you believe to be right. You should not put yourself down for not looking like the people that you want to look like, or like what other people want you to look like. You should just be happy with what you look like now. You should always be respectful and clean in the way you look and act. If you change your self for others one day you will look back and with regret, you may be embraced that you didn’t stand up for yourself and in what you believe in.Most likely fades will change and you will have to change. This will happen over and over again until you realize it doesn’t matter what is in fashion. That doesn’t mean it requires that you change yourself and your standards just to fit in, that would be too hard to keep up with the latest fashion, and in the end you would be living someone else’s values rather than your own. So always stick up for your values and beliefs no matter how hard it will be.