This I Believe

Sarah - Moraga, California
Entered on January 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Every cause has an effect; every action, a consequence. Whether the consequence is good or bad, it is undeniable that for everything we do, there is a clear result. I believe in karma. I believe that everything I do is a result of some previous event and that it too will have an effect.

Three years ago, math was my easiest class. I never had to try or pay attention and I always did my homework in class the day it was due. But despite my minimal effort, I got a high A throughout the year. The next year, my freshman year in High School, I got myself to a point where I was failing math. I had never failed any of my classes, especially not math. I attribute this to my bad choice of study habits from the year before. I had gotten used to not putting in much effort; and boy was I in for a wake up call. I ended up passing that class my freshman year, but not without an enormous amount of work and studying and a new loss of trust from my parents.

Because of what happened to me my freshman year, I have since done all my math homework and always made sure I pay attention and understand what I am being taught. I am now back to a point where I do not have to try very hard in math, but I do have to pay attention, that I have learned very well. That year forever changed me. I hated not being trusted by my parents; I was no longer the responsible girl they didn’t have to worry about. I know now what I have to do to maintain my good grades and I make sure that I get it done. My everyday school and homework routines are firmly defined by my desire to never go back to that point in my life. I know that my choices have consequences and now I’m more cautious about which ones I make.

As a teenager I am faced with countless decisions. Many of them small and unimportant, others which greatly impact my daily life. I know that where I go from here is determined by the choices I make; the actions I take, the things I say. All of these things make up me and my life and not one of them goes without result. Every action has a result, every cause has an effect. And that is what I believe.