This I Believe

Hannah - SlC, Utah
Entered on January 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe In Second Chances!

Everyone in the whole entire world should be able to have a second chance. Its tough to do everything perfect the first time, like saying something that wasn’t meant to be said. Then fixing it up with a, “I’m sorry”, or just re-saying it in a different way to make it make more sense. Then it might be because of something you did. Say you messed up with your job, and after clearing up and begging for another chance your boss gives it to you. By receiving that second chance you then later showed your boss how much better you could be, then if you didn’t receive that second chance then who knows where you would be.

I’ve been given many second chances in my life. When I was in the third grade I wasn’t doing so well. I had just moved from Australia with my family, and was in the middle of the second grade when we did move. My parents thought it would be ok to go onto the third grade. Starting in the third grade I wasn’t really doing so well. Instead of failing the grade I was given a second chance, a choice to go on with being in the third grade or going back to the second grade to finish it. I decided to go back to the second grade. Being able to receive that second chance I made a choice that saved my education.

I have also been given smaller, not as big, second chances. Some being conflicts with some of my family members like with my younger sisters, and sometimes with my parents. It’s hard to be a great person towards all of them all the time. I sometimes I mess up with what I say to them, but they always forgive me, not giving just one chance but giving me many so that I can be better to them. Also some other smaller ones would be me forgetting to do something for someone; they always give me second chances so that next time they will be able to trust me with doing that something for them.

To be able to have a second chance I have to receive trust from the person so that they can give me a second chance. Without having trust with a person you are asking for a second chance from its hard to receive it.

When I receive that second chance I have to actually prove to the person that I am receiving it from that I can do whatever it is the next time. I have proved to both my parent that I deserved all those second chances. They support me in everything because I fix up what I did the first time in my second chance. That is why I believe in second chances.