This I Believe

Alyssa - Rochester, Minnesota
Entered on January 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope, purpose

I believe in wind. Not only the breeze or the wind chill during the winter. But every kind of wind possible, even the type that hurricanes and storms bring, or even the slightest most subtle of movement of air.

When I was about three, I was that little girl at the pool who loved her one piece swimsuit with the frills down the side. I was the little girl who hated to wait and loved to make rash decisions. I rarely thought anything out. Little did I know that these characteristics of myself could have lead to my eternal downfall. But I survived, with love.

Don’t tell me you don’t know what floaties are, because if you were ever a child you are well aware. They were the funny looking blown up pieces of plastic that were tightly forced around a child’s arm. The floaties not only made a child look like they were completely ripped, but they also kept a child afloat in water.

Anyways, while I was out of the pool getting a snack with my sister, I had taken off my beloved floaties. I had finished eating and now I was completely set to enjoy the rest of my swim. I had spotted my brother in the water and without thinking ventured out into the pool.

You know those ropes that guard the “deep” end in the pool? While most people think that they are annoying and simply in the way, I discovered that they truly do serve a purpose. Because, I completely disregarded those ropes and forced my tiny legs to continue my route to my brother, who was clearly on the other side of those ropes.

You can probably see where this story is headed. I did pass those ropes, and

without my floaties I had no chance in the water alone. I can remember looking up through the haze of the water and seeing the wiggling sun. The time I was under the water felt like and eternity.

However, like the wind of a hurricane, I felt something surround me and lift me up. It was this instance in my life when I truly felt love. My brother pulled me out of the water with the urgency of wind. The type of wind that holds you up when you lean back. He was my wind that day, and without his love, I would not be able to experience all of the other types of love (or wind) in life.

You know, there’s the wind that your family can bring you. The wind that is in everyday, no matter how subtle it is, its always there. Family is also the wind that holds you up, it supports your every movement. Its that gust of wind that gives you the extra push in life. My family is that wind that helps guide me down the right path. Its that wind that comes after grandma had her fair share of beans. That wind is smelly, annoying and hard to bear. But in the end the love of your family is essential, after you get past the stinky parts.

That was the wind that my brother and my family brought me. And without my brother, I would have never gotten to experience the other kind of wind. You know, that wind that sweeps you off your feet. The other kind of love, the kind that knocks your socks off. Walking into this wind is scary at first, but you realize that it helps blow your hair back, and makes life just a little more clear. This love is that breeze in the summer that comfortably travels with you down the rocky trails. This is the wind that helps hold your head high. This wind is, to me, a necessity in life. It’s the wind that pumps the oxygen into your lungs and keeps you alive.

I believe that everyone deserves their fair share of wind in their life. I believe that everyone deserves to be loved. This, I believe.