This I Believe

Matthew - bountiful, Utah
Entered on January 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Considerate done

I believe in being courteous. Courteous means to polite in a way that shows consideration of others or good manners. Being courteous helps you make someone’s life brighter and more enjoyable. My parents raised me to be courteous, even to those I didn’t like. My parents are both flight attendants, their whole job is to be courteous to others. When my parents are courteous to their customers, the customers are polite back. They strive to make peoples lives easier and less stressful. Imagine the good someone does when they are courteous to someone else, weather it be holding a door for someone or getting someone a drink.

Every morning when I wake up I turn on my parents coffee for them, not because its required of me or a chore of some kind, but rather because it lets them know I care about them. Showing courtesy is the best thank you in the world. There is a saying I like that goes, “actions speak louder than words”. Understand that words do make a difference too. Manners are also one of the ways you can judge someone’s, intentions. If someone holds doors for others and uses “yes please” and “thank you”, you can see that they were raised well and have respect for others. For example, if you offer something to someone and they reply ”I’m fine” or “nah” instead of saying “no thank you” or “thank you for offering but no” you can see the level of respect they have.

Manners are also the key to good first impression. It shows that you know how to behave around other people and you care about them.

Rudeness spreads very quickly if someone doesn’t stop it. If someone is discourteous to someone then the receiver of the discourtesy becomes the giver. I see it and heard it happen on airplanes many times. There are people out there with no manners at all who just like to piss everybody off, and let everybody know that the world revolves around them. Imagine having to deal with someone like that for your job everyday. I’m truly sorry for all the good people who have to deal with the bad ones out there.

I’m making a new years resolution to be more patient and courteous with people this year. Maybe I can help someone remember to keep being good even after they deal with a rude pain in the neck know-it-all person.