This I Believe

Laura - Boalsburg, Pennsylvania
Entered on January 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Sly, bright, crooked, toothy, kind, mischievous, sympathetic, cheesy. I believe in the power of a smile. Every day of eighth grade I would pass my friend Karen in the crowded hallway. There were so many kids that it was difficult to pick her out, but it was her smile that stood out. Every day she would smile cheerfully as she passed by me. Every day her simple smile made me feel better, reminded me that I had a friend who cared. Without meaning to, Karen taught me a life lesson: smile! Smile at people I know, smile at people I don’t know, and especially smile at people I want to know. Such a simple act as smiling can maintain a friendship that needs some care or even be the start of a new friendship.

This summer I went to a play at a local theater. Before the play started, I looked around and noticed a girl smiling at me. I smiled back. Maybe she recognized me, but for sure I had no idea who she was. Throughout the night, we kept catching each other’s eyes and shyly sharing smiles. I don’t know who she was, but I feel we are somehow connected because of that sharing of happiness.

Sending a smile’s message of “Hi! Nice to see you!” to someone will always pep up their day. If a smile alone can’t contain your happiness, trim it with a wave. Waves emphasize a smile’s greeting, and they are easier to see. Smiles can also be shared from a distance. You don’t need to talk to someone to get across the feeling that a smile sends- smiles can penetrate any language barrier. Anyone can smile and it will always send the same message. And even if someone doesn’t see your smile, it doesn’t hurt to make the effort. Smiling still cheers up the person working their face muscles. Remind someone that you care with a smile ?.