This I Believe

Jessica - Sandy, Utah
Entered on January 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that people who strive to succeed in life need to have the “3 D’s”: Desire, Determination, and Discipline.

Desire: You need a passion for what you do, no matter if it is a job or a sport. To me desire means to have a love for what you do. Desire is what you are longing for, or dreaming of.

I have been interested in basketball ever since I was a little girl. My mom signed me up signed me up for little league basketball when I have about 7 years old and I have been playing since. Through those nine years of my basketball experience I have learned to love physical and mental challenges and have made many friends.

While desire is necessary, so is determination. Determination is what keeps you going when things get hard and discouraging. Determination is all about setting goals for yourself, and not stopping until you reach them. To be a great athlete you must have perseverance, bravery, and a positive attitude. My coaches have always told me to step outside my comfort zone and believe in yourself.

Recently, I tore my ACL, one of the most crucial ligaments in your knee, while I was going for a lay-up and landed the wrong way on my leg during my first varsity basketball game. I was told I needed surgery as soon as possible and I would not be able to play basketball, or any sport for that matter, for a minimum of seven and a half months. I was devastated. My goals for the basketball season were put on hold. Due to surgery I lost most of the muscle in my left leg. So I decided to give myself new goals, such as being able to lift my leg by myself or to be off crutches two weeks after surgery. With the help of my trainers and coaches I am on my way to recovery.

The final element of success is Discipline. Discipline channels desire and determination to achieve the end goal. It requires hours of practice and rehearsal every week. Having discipline is what defines a good athlete.

If you look throughout history, all great leaders posses these three qualities and accomplish great things for mankind.