This I Believe

Fiona - Rancho Palos Verdes, California
Entered on January 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I believe in BEING ALIVE.

True, most people can breathe.

But not all fully live their lives.

Ever heard the song “Being Alive?”

It goes something like this:

“Someone to need you too much, Someone to know you too well, Someone to pull you up short, And put you through hell, And give you support for being alive – being alive… Make me alive, make me confused, Mock me with praise, let me be used, Vary my days, but alone is alone, not alive.”

I would rather have a helluva time then to have nothing. To be no one, to do nothing, and feel no extreme sadness, anger, or joy is… to me, not worthwhile.

I have been alone. I have taken myself away from loved ones, and felt both dead and listless. I have cried, knowing all the while I was slowly giving up hope for something better. And I have grown sick of my constant tries and failures, the never-ending circles I put myself through.

Ever heard the song “People?”

It goes something like this:

People–people who need people

Are the luckiest people in the world,

We’re children, needing other children

And yet letting our grown-up pride

Hide all the need inside,

Acting more like children

Than children. […]

A feeling deep in your soul

Says you were half,

Now you’re whole.

No more hunger and thirst

But first be a person

Who needs people.

And I truly believe this. People are what make you alive. They help you, and hurt you, and give you experiences you will never forget.

Music has carried me through my personal insecurities, inspired me to move on. BEING ALIVE takes guts. And yes, simply walking past life as you would view a slideshow is certainly easy. A great thinker once said: “Soon, we will need to start choosing between what is easy and what is right.” Even if it means taking the hard way round.

When I die, I want to be able to look back and feel proud of myself. I want to remember the discoveries I have made, the hardships I have faced, and both the victories and failures I have gone through. To see my art, my growth, and my change. To treasure those who were truly beautiful, those closest and dearest. To die loved, not alone.

To my very last breath, I want to enjoy being alive.