This I Believe

Rebecca-Grace - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on January 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I Believe

I believe in the comfort of my mother’s embrace. Times when I need this affection and love from not only my mother, but my best friend, is when school turns stressful, my friends drive me wild, or when I need advice about life and how to handle it.

I believe that my momma is an average single working mother. She works at Judge Memorial Catholic High School, raises five children, cooks, cleans, dishes out money, and the list of responsibilities continue forever. But, even with the overload between grading tests and worrying about what’s for dinner, she still manages to be hungry for adventure and keep her long, comforting arms open to me to come relax and calm down in.

I have gone to my mom for comfort and advice on every subject, but one of the times when I needed her helpful embrace the most was when my parents decided to get a divorce. I had sensed the tension in the household for awhile between my parents and I decided to take a step of courage and go and ask my mom about what was happening to the family. This is when I first heard the news of the separation between them. She explained what was going on while I sat in her lap lost in a deep bear hug. I sobbed my eight-year-old heart out as I tried to comprehend what was happening. What was going to become of the family? I thought we were all happy.

I believe reflecting back on this situation has made me realize that my mom and dad are much happier people now then when they used to be married. My mom and I have grown to know each other not only as mother and daughter, but friend and friend. I thought this divorce was going to change who we were as a family and break us apart, but it did just the opposite. My family has grown together without tension and we are all happier and better people.

I believe that I needed my mother’s arms at this point in my life, but she also needed me, her “Angel Baby.”

Having the support from all her children helped her get through this difficult time of pain, anger, frustration, and sadness. But, her embrace always remained open with the same care for each of us children.

Time can change one physically, mentally, and emotionally. But, one thing is universal, and that is the safety and comfort of my momma’s embrace.