Honesty is the Path to Freedom

Alex - Taylorsville,, Utah
Entered on January 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

I believe in honesty. It is one of the few things which can free us from sin, protect us in times of distress, and help us to lift the heavy, horrible feelings off of our backs.

I have believed in honesty all my life. I was taught that it was a virtue of a priceless effect on yourself and others. Honesty has come to help me on a number of occasions throughout my life.

As a young child in grade school, I was a bit of a trouble maker. I often found myself going on many trips to the principal’s office. These were the occasions when I first found that honesty is a helpful tool for times of need.

I always knew when I had done something wrong; other kids knew when they had done wrongs too, the only difference between me and my piers was that when it came time to tell what we had done wrong they would tell a lie while I would tell the truth.

Now they thought I was stupid for telling what happened even though it was going to get me in trouble, but after telling our stories and the recess monitor came in to tell what she saw, I always got the lightest punishment because I admitted my wrongs and told the truth.

I too tried telling half truths and whole lies, but they always came back to hurt me. I have found that in most cases you will get caught, and if you try to put off the truth, it will often hurt you worse than if you just told the truth from the beginning.

This is the bases for my belief: “I believe honesty is the path to freedom” means that if you are known for telling the truth “even when you have done wrong” people will enjoy your company. You will become known for good insights and service. Others will not look down upon you, but rather go to you for help with their problems or for opportunities.

So if you want to excel in life you need to obtain the virtue of honesty. It is honesty which can save you in the work environment, help you with family matters at home, and help to cleans you from the dark feeling of lies. It is honesty which is the path to freedom.