akyssa - everson, Washington
Entered on January 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

“No mom Please!”

“Alyssa you need to learn that this is not ok!”

“I know mom I promise that I won’t forget to do my homework again.”

“Alyssa we have pushed you to do you homework every day and you don’t do it, so we have decided that’s enough!”

“I know mom!”

“No you don’t! No more horses or friends over for 2 weeks.”

“That’s not fair!”

“Well maybe it will make you think about doing your homework.”

I believe that lying will only get you in more trouble than telling the truth.

I learned that first hand. My grades were slipping and I wasn’t getting any of my homework done. My mom and dad told me time after time to do it and I told them I did when I really didn’t. They finally had enough and I was grounded from

My horses were what I did every day so not being able to ride them really wasn’t part of the plan. So I was mad about that, but at times I would sneak out of the house and try to ride, but when I was caught it just made things worse. My dad almost pulled me right out of the saddle with out thinking how far the ground was! Then when my mom found out that I was riding she would make the grounding even longer. When you have something that you like to do such as horses, when it is taken away it’s hard to swallow what has just happened. I’m sure that your parents have done things like this. Friends would call and ask to come over but I had to tell them no because I was grounded for 2 weeks. Then my family would go on horse but leave me behind, it was like they were rubbing it all in my face.

I believe that lying is just wrong. It costs you too much to do that over and over again. So tell the truth because if you have done something wrong you won’t get into as much trouble for telling the truth than if you lie and your parents find out later. That just makes the situation worse. I know that many of you have done things just the same, but to my parents it’s unacceptable. So I learned the hard way the lying is not ok and telling the truth is, because no matter how bad of a thing you did at least you told the truth. That’s what I believe.