This I Believe

Papa - Belleville, Michigan
Entered on January 3, 2008
Age Group: 65+


My writing of thoughts is very difficult. My reply is about this article but the idea is about me.

In this one, I know that there are many folks that are possible to lead. But, I do not think that a leader in the political forum should try to also be a religious leader too. They have to choose between “hats” instead of trying to use both “hats”. Kennedy new the “hat” at this time. I do not think that the leaders who want to use the political and religious “hats” now will ever work. They are too worked up about both “political” and “religious” ideas.

The world has tried to work through this problem of humans (and political versus religious) ideas. It will never work.

The political process is like a road through our real world, The religious process is like a road through each of our minds that is not the real world.

This is why I know that the world I live in will be available to me to work for a better world. At my death, I will be able to find out whether there is more. I know that any human can only find out too!

Love, Papa