This I Believe

trent - sumas, Washington
Entered on January 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My years as a verbal target

What are words exactly? Noises we use to communicate and interact with each other. Or are they cruel implements of torture?

From my experience its both but I wouldn’t have told

You that 3 years ago. Then I was at the mercy of anyone who had the opportunity to stick a metaphorical heated knife into my body.

My life in middle school was exasperatingly unbearable. I’m surprised I didn’t commit suicide because of the pain of my day to day life. The pain wasn’t physical, it was psychological in my head everywhere I went I was dogged by people who seemed to live to make me depressed and tortured. They called me gay they literally thought I was a homosexual. At first I didn’t believe them then as they said it more and more I began to think so but deep inside I still knew I wasn’t (that’s what caused the turmoil within me).

You wouldn’t think of it this way but those words left scars to numerous and painful to retell and to this day those scars are still there haunting me day to day.