This I Believe

Alex - Boise, Idaho
Entered on January 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

You probably have experienced being halfway ignored by my generation of text messaging teenagers. I don’t have an issue with the actual text messaging system, but I do believe there needs to be a certain social etiquette with the privilege.

Text messaging can be a fun and interesting way of communicating with friends but some people can come off as being rude when they continually glance at their phone screens and rapidly move their fingers along the key pad. When I am trying to converse with someone who is text messaging, I feel like I am not as important as the person they are text messaging. Although a person might not intend to be impolite, it can seem disrespectful to a person who is trying to talk to them.

I think people should be able to have the opportunity to text message, but they should be cautious and conscientious of when and where they are doing it. Not only can it appear rude, it can be dangerous. A major problem with text messaging is it can lead to serious accidents such as automobile crashes. I have seen many teenagers at the wheel of the car focused on their cell phone screen instead of driving safely. I am also 100% sure that text messaging distracts teens from important elements in their life such as studying. I know it is challenging for me to concentrate on my studies when I am constantly being distracted by the beeping cell phone.

Another problem is addiction. The thought may seem ridiculous but some people who depend on text messaging to fill up their time most likely couldn’t live a day without it. What would they do with all the spare time that they have spent text messaging in the past?

Could text messaging be creating a new generation of inconsiderate and unfocused teenagers? I think this messaging system has a place in today’s world but I believe people should be respectful and take responsibility for using good manners – its part of living all together in this world.