This I Believe

Elizabeth - Iowa City, Iowa
Entered on January 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature

Weathermen everywhere deliver the news of snow like they are about to receive a million pieces of hate mail from people under the impression that they can control whether or not it snows. I, on the other hand, about kiss the television screen. I, unlike so many depressed souls believe that snow is something to be looked upon as a good thing rather than obstacle in our daily routine.

Children everywhere scream in glee over the potential of a snow day where they could do nothing but play all day sledding and building snowmen. Many times in years past, my mom bundled me up to go sledding with the neighbor kids. My memory is littered with snow fights, tiny snowmen, rosy cheeks and wet mittens. Why can adults not feel this way anymore? Adults always see the burden snow will create like getting snowed in or car accidents. But why not look at it for what it gives you? Don’t get behind the wheel and look at it as an excuse not to make it to work and cuddle up at home, time to reconnect with your kids playing in the snow, and time to make memories. Our country needs something that can slow our lives down to appreciate what we have.

I believe in snows unfailing ability to be beautiful and inviting. Maybe I do have an obsession with snow. But I have good reason to believe that snow is magic. Years ago my grandma passed away before Christmas. Her loss around Christmas was particularly devastating because of how close I had become with her and how she loved the holidays, particularly because it brought our family together. Christmas Eve, to my dismay, it looked like we were going to have another snow less Christmas. As I walked out of church that night though I found myself greeted by the most beautiful white flakes falling from the sky. I was almost in tears. I understand the concept of weather but we really had no chance of getting snow. To me this was my grandma’s Christmas present, her way of saying that she would always look over me. My grandma seemed to understand how important snow was to the holiday season. Years of traditions have been built around it. Cutting out snowflakes in class, sledding, snow fights, snowmen, and tons of holiday decorations are frosted in fake snow. Think of all the Christmas songs and movies that would be altered and not even exist. No Frosty the snowman, no sledding, Santa wouldn’t even drive a sleigh.

Just think about this next time you curse the snow. Snow is something consistent, something you can always depend on to be beautiful. Each individual flake is completely it’s own, just like every person in this world. If snow can show us the beauty in the individual then maybe the world can take a cue and see that by putting all the individuals together something purely beautiful can happen.