This I Believe

Ameera - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on December 31, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in second chances. It is the ultimate form of forgiveness the most selfless act to do to another. This is coming from someone who’s been given second chances more than twice in my life. I believe that second chances give us hope and make us want and inspire to be better people. All of us have different ways of learning from our experiences and mistakes in this life, some learn things instantly and some experiment with trial and error (that’s me). You wouldn’t know me as the person I am now if I hadn’t got a second chance years ago.

I was in middle school when I remember my first second chance. I ignored everything my parents said, hung with the wrong crowd in school, and hid my grades from my parents simply not caring enough anymore. I thought I knew what’s best for me. I had lost control over my life. I was worried that all my lies would come apart at any moment. I only prayed that my secret would stay safe. I stopped appreciating the people I already had in my life. I needed intervention. My relationship with my parents was deteriorating. Whatever inch of freedom they gave me I ran with a yard of it. I lied and did things against my values. My parents discovered the lies and the life I lead. I didn’t recognize the girl I was anymore.

My parents instead of treating me with anger for abusing our trust gently told me what to do to earn their respect and how to fix this mess of my life I had created. They gave me direction. I don’t even remember them yelling at me, only sitting in their bedroom while they told me they loved me and how I could overcome this. I couldn’t destroy the good in me or their unconditional love no matter what I did.

I graduated from middle school as a new person with better friends and a stronger belief in myself. I also discovered faith in God and appreciation for that guidance my parents gave me that hellish year. It wasn’t just my parents who helped me through that time it was my extended family and sisters.

I’ve gotten second chances since then from my parents. I’m still trying to be a better daughter and individual but I make mistakes along the way and without a doubt I know my parents will be there to forgive me and pick me up when I stumble. I’m no longer that girl anymore. The rebel in me will always be there, but not the idiot counterpart.

I learned I don’t need to rebel against the people and things in life, which will only help me towards success. I learned sometimes its not other people who give you second chances but you yourself. I believe in giving yourself a second chance and that it can save your spirit and your life and those who you love around you.