This I Believe

Randy - Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Entered on December 30, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

It’s really, ‘Mirror mirror on the wall’

Can you stand tall, can you stay focused? In a world of turmoil, can you inject maturity in balance with precious innocence? Will you pass the rigors of impatience and control the demands of stress?

If an unimaginable challenge confronts you and direction is utterly hindered, can you surpass with wisdom and astound the odds? What if it really was up to you?

Where do you turn, who do you trust? What’s inside of you?

These are common questions that surface in the lives of all of us. Whether you’re the president or an ant on the sidewalk. Yet man must live in harmony with the planet and persevere amongst each other or seriously face desolation, possibly extinction.

Great scientific strides have progressed; however , social mores continuously clash. Every New Year’s, people make resolutions. Some are selfish; others are encompassing. Most are short-lived.

Holidays sometimes bring about a human spirit of camaraderie. You can’t control time. No one can.

When your life passes before your eyes and one day, it shall. There will be circumstances that surface clear as day. In maybe the briefest of duration, you will second-guess your actions. Those are times where you could flip a coin or shake that eight ball.

This is where the “Golden Rule” must prevail. Will you treat others as you wish they would treat you, or will you allow those with the gold to make the rules?

Are you weak or are you strong? Will you empower truth to prevail and solidify a strong foundation for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone?

Remember that in 2008, we can take two steps forward and retreat one step backwards, or we can ascend to the values you know are correct in your heart, in your soul and within your spirit.

You have the power to change the future. Yes, it is up to you. Are you up for the challenge?