This I Believe

Tina - Orangevale, California
Entered on December 27, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

“Seeing is believing.” we’ve all heard; but not always, I can add. Sometimes we see, but we don’t understand.

Have you ever seen a sight, and once viewed it becomes a part of you? At first glance it may seem insignificant, little more than a mere dot upon the landscape, yet when mixed with time and frequent reflection it becomes mysterious and downright sublime?

I’ve seen such a sight and to this very day I don’t know if it was earthly or ethereal, whether it was planted in soil or solely in my mind’s eye. Regardless, it continues to grow.

If I told you what I saw, you’d probably say “Huh?” and leave it at that.

But the fact is…I can’t leave it, for it won’t leave me.

Does it bother me? No.

Does it seem unnatural? Well, yes and no.

What is it then that has me utterly captivated and pondering its meaning? I will try to elucidate.

My long ago vision has liberated me by helping me feel the joy of being alive. It confirms always the fact that life is amazing and rightfully should be received as a gift to be enjoyed daily. It has helped me see what I don’t see regularly, that miracles abound everywhere. It makes me feel new again when I reflect upon it, that wondrous sight of seeing a lavender cluster growing between crooked stones in a garden path.

At first glance it looked like a simple yet quaint, picturesque plant but upon closer examination what appeared to be a flowering plant turned out to be countless pale lavender butterflies feeding upon flowers that were identical to them in size, color and shape. It was many, many years before I realized that the countless lavender butterflies had become what they were feeding upon; a transformation had taken place, the two had become one.

My vision, whether real or imaginary has enlivened me these past 25 years, all the while growing brighter in my mind’s eye. It was the evening of my wedding proposal, in a garden where this small miracle confirmed to me emphatically, that love is life’s greatest mystery. It is this that I believe – entirely.