This I Believe

Clyde - Durham, North Carolina
Entered on December 27, 2007
Age Group: 65+

The Commissioning and Life Purpose:

I had been a Sergeant in the U. S. Marine Corps for many months. I was in combat in Korea and my platoon was out on a patrol on a very hot, dry and dusty trails and climbing hill after hill, and plagued with Shigelosis dysentery. We were on top of one of the hills and in some type of crater for a break. Although a sergeant, I had never really taken command or been in charge as an NCO should be. Word came about”Sadle Up Moving OUT!” I was so exhausted and tired- I didn’t move nor did I care if captured, killed, or wounded- I just stayed inprone position. BUT! Of a sudden I felt a very sharp jab in my ribs, and a boot in my butt and backside. “Com’on Sergeant! You are a leader! Get off your ass and lead!” This boot and “motivation” came from our Medical Corpsman Doc Houston. It saved my life and changed my whole manner of being- I became a leader. Iwas commissioned and knew my purpose as a combat Marine then and thereafter! Thanks Doc! Wherever you are- I believe blind now out in Kansas someplace! Makes me oftenask a question: Has a Medical Corpsman ever taken lead and command of a Company or Platoon operation in combat? They are really in the know and when the whole company is pinned downby fire- except for Doc- he’s all about tending the wounded!!