This I Believe

Ashlee - Allen, Texas
Entered on December 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

All over the world, in every country, people wear shoes. Shoes express the parts of your personality that maybe wouldn’t have been seen otherwise. You can tell so much about a person by their shoes; I believe in shoes.

Looking around at all the shoes at my school, I can tell a lot about the kids who wear them. Although oblivious to the significance their shoes posses, these kids put on their shoes every day. When I see someone with tennis shoes with doodles all over them, I can tell they are a bright kid, probably artistic with a knack for getting bored in class. A girl with heels so high, who lacks self confidence or has something to prove, wears the heels daily to show superiority. The boy in dress shoes wants someone who will listen. When I see someone with different shoes everyday, I see someone shaky about how they feel, hoping to find their place in the world. Searching for a way to stand out, the insecure kid’s shoes are ridiculously flamboyant. The kid with the 3 month old shoes that still don’t have a scuff on them is incredibly organized and takes good care of them self. The girl in boots desires to feel fabulous, while the boy in boots wants to feel manly. All this gathered from a habitual action of the day, putting on your shoes.

The beauty of shoes is that you can never have enough. Any statement about yourself that you’d like to make is available through shoes. There are so many different kinds of shoes that say so many different things about someone. Choosing them is just as important as wearing them. When we shop for shoes, we’re really shopping for which new thing we should tell the world about ourselves. My eyes full of excitement at the sight of a great pair of shoes, I buy them knowingly expressing to the world that I am comfortable with myself by wearing the same shoes in different colors. The shoes we marvel at posses the characteristics that we would love to have – the ideal shoe is equivalent to our ideal selves. Every time I walk into a store I see shoes I’d love to wear, but I know I never could. I’m not the things that these shoes would portray me as, regardless of how fantastic they are, but I one day aspire to be able to wear shoes like that. We choose our shoes by how we see ourselves and how we want the world to see us.

Everyday as American’s we put on shoes. We all have them; we all wear them. The shoe, a public gateway into your soul, provides the rest of the world with a short summary of you for that day. When we see someone wearing the same shoes, we instantly share a bond with that person, knowing we have the same tastes and also the same qualities. Shoes are universal symbols that connect everyone. Everywhere in the world people wear some form of shoes, something to cover our feet and make a statement about our life and the way we live it. Shoes believe in me and I believe in shoes.