This I Believe

Eileen - Sagamore Hills, Ohio
Entered on December 26, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that God is good. Our Earth has been created as a good place to live, full of beauty and power. It does not fall into the Sun; it gives us a renewal period each night. It is cool/hot/wet/dry alternately. Food and people can develop and grow because our world is wonderful in its ability to renew itself and feed us.

I believe that cataclysmic natural events are one of the ways that the Earth is renewed. During a hurricane water coming from the sea dredges up soil rich in nutrients and then throws it up on the land. Dead fish, dried, fallen trees and branches decompose and feed the land for many years to come. Tornadoes whip up dust clouds carrying the soil and seeds to a new place to extend the range of growth. Forest fires caused by lightning burn thousands of acres of forest every year, renewing them for long periods of time and for new generations of animals. It is the nature of our world, which is constantly being renewed by cataclysm and catastrophe. I believe that it is a good world, whether intended so by someone called “God” or by a big bang that was total accident.

However, we humans are constantly making choices on how we live in that world. Humans choose to build in flood plains waiting for the next hurricane or typhoon. Humans build huge homes on hillsides that slip into the ocean on rivers of mud. Humans choose to order evacuations without considering thousands of people with no way to evacuate. Humans choose to waste land and fresh water. Humans choose to prey on other humans. Some in governments choose to let humans die on the streets of disease or starvation. Some choose to care for people with food and comfort. It is not God who starts a war nor does God fight the war that kings, presidents, farmers, and politicians start. Men, young and old, die as soldiers. Women and children starve. It goes on and on, but it is not the choices that God makes that cause the destruction.

It is also the choice of humans to help those exhausted with the effects of disasters by contributing money, clothes, food, medicine. Foundations spend millions to attempt to eradicate the scourge of Polio one country at a time. Doctors go where they are needed to help whoever needs them. Humans daily overcome natural selfishness and choose to consider others.

For good or ill, our lives continue from beginning to end. We are given our birth, and our death. We make the choices that create the rest. We may blame or credit God for whatever happens, but the reality is that it is the choices that humans make that create the world as it is lived in. It is not God who destroys our world or the people living in it. We make those choices ourselves because God, who is good, gives us the right to choose. Choose wisely.

This I believe. God is good.