Kurt - Rockledge, Florida
Entered on December 25, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
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Few who have never served in the military during war,

ever understand what Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and

Marines go through. This is why we can’t talk about

it unless we get together with others who “have been

there and done that”. Other people will never

understand, and we can’t explain it in words.

This is true with what is wrongly named, “Post

Traumatic Shock Syndrome”. I have it too. I cry at

the drop of a hat for what seems like nothing, but I

hide it well. It is really something so overwhelming

I can’t forget it, and civilians cannot understand


The shock and trauma are not “post”. When you go to

fight, you have to have very strong convictions to

stand up to what you do, what happens to you, and what

you see. It takes a great belief, greater than most

anyone else has, in order to deal with that. This is

why it takes the best people – we have to be strong

enough to face war, and win.

Ronald Reagan once said, that “Most men go through

life wondering if they have made a difference.

Marines don’t have that problem.” He was right.

What happens is that you keep pulling yourself

together by sheer will and faith, going out again and

again, not knowing if this will be your last time to

face death. You see others die doing exactly what you

have been doing and know you are not special, but part

of the team. You become steel, or you break. You

fight for a purpose.

But when you come home and are faced with people

spitting in your face; with the press calling you

murderers and baby killers; with these people treating

you as completely expendable for their political

purposes, and when you find out that the ideal society

you thought you knew, grew up in and fought for is not

real, then you break. You are stripped of your

purpose, your strength, and your resolve by the very

people you fought to protect.




This is when you begin to replay the war over and over

again in your mind. When you try to regain the

purpose, or try to find another purpose for all that you

went through, and all your friends died for. It is not

the shell shock or war weariness of past wars.

It is facing the “new liberalism” at home and not

knowing how to deal with it. It is seeing what the

press says, what the politicians say and what schools

teach our children, and knowing it is a lie.

Liberalism is the lack of standards. It is the

backing away from morals, ethics, laws and rights. It

is calling the Constitution that we fight to protect a

“living document”. It is asking, “Whose truth, whose

reality, whose interpretation of the law”? It is the not

knowing right from wrong, but seeing shades of gray.

It is interpretation for the purpose of instilling

prejudice, for there is no other reason to

re-interpret the law, except to make the law unequal.

There is no other reason to rewrite history, or claim

“separation of church and state” when there is no such

thing in the Constitution. The goal is the

eliminating of ethics and morals taught by religion

and replacing them with variables; to allow

discrimination for division, power and control. The

result is the destruction of the very fiber of our

country and what made it great. The destruction of

all we fought for. This is why we cry. This is our

trauma, our shock. It is not the war in our face. It

is the knife in our back that hurts so badly.

But there is a prayer to God in ever one of our 50

state constitutions. And the First Amendment clearly

states in a single sentence our rights to freely

practice religion, speech, press, assembly and redress

of our grievances, unrestricted by government.

Is there separation of speech and state?

Is there separation of the press and state?

Can you imagine the outcry from the press if there was

such a claim?

Well, now there is separation of God and state. This

one sentence treats all the same. Separation of

church and state isn’t even grammatically correct, let

alone legal. How do you treat one subject of a

sentence unequally from another, except by a lie?

Our forefathers knew that when you separate God from

our leaders, you relieve them of morals and ethics

too. Don’t be fooled. That is the goal. Today it

isn’t fear of a religious takeover, or the support of one

religion over another, but the fear of being held

accountable for your own actions, that drives these

leaders to make the claim of “separation of church and


And once you have violated that very first right, all

the rest are open to reinterpretation too.

If you are not a liberal today, your free speech and

free press are at risk and often challenged. Your

right to self protection covered in the Second

Amendment is attacked. Your right to equal protection

of the laws is taken away. Looking at who is

protected and who is not in our courts, our courts

should have engraved in stone over every entrance,

“RESULTS MAY VARY” to replace the Ten Commandments

now subject to removal.

I fear for this country and its destruction from

within. I fear who will be the next president and

shudder at what they are promising to do. I see our

open borders and our wildly inaccurate press who leads

the charge away from truth. I wonder if we will


But then I remember all who have served and know that

they will return, if called upon again. I know that

they remember the purpose for which they fought and

will reunite to protect this One Constitution with its

universal laws. To return it and “We the People” to

power when we have had enough of liberalism and the

lies it is based on. This is where I find hope.

And I remember our oath of office, “to uphold and

protect the Constitution of the United States (not the

U.N.) from all enemies, both foreign and domestic”.

I believe that charges of treason and impeachment are

called for, and should be used. I believe that

liberalism in its current definition is our greatest

danger and should not be tolerated. Each step outside

the law should be stopped. Each lie should not go

unchallenged. And all parts of the Constitution should

be followed and equally applied, whether some like it

or not. It is time to return to our roots and our

purpose for which we fought. It is time for

liberals to feel shock, trauma and the power of the

People. It is time to return to our morals, ethics

and to one justice for all under God.