Moving with a higher purpose

Kamal - Irvine, California
Entered on December 24, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

Depending on our evolution we might have a different way of searching the unknown. According to some myths, over two millennia ago an unknown higher being visited the earth, fell in love with one of us, and gave her a son who became a shepherd advocating peace and harmony.

Similar to other humans in search of an unknown across the ages, we define a higher being with our limited knowledge. As soon as we define it, we start worshiping our unknown institutionally and forget that we didn’t know what it was in the first place. Once we have created our unknown as we understood it, we might try to convince others that it created us as it desired and it deserves to be worshiped by all. Depending on what we know about our needs, we decorate our creation with ornamental flowery and thorny traits such as majestic and merciful or needy and revengeful.

Some of us become absolutely sure about our creation and develop a fanatic behavior of rejecting others for not recognizing our unknown as we know it. Some of us feel so insecure about not knowing that find the answer in absolute denial of the unknown, or creating huge walls and secret agencies for protection from it. Some of us doubt the unknown could be fully known and try to know parts of it through vaguely knowable examples.

For example some of us might intuitively know the beauty of a random forest through the right side of our brain, and some of us via the left side might rationally analyze the logic in the make up of a single tree. Some of us might know that all trees are created green, and some of us might point out that every tree has a unique shape and size. Some of us might know the answer to a warm and sunny day is having a glass of water and sitting on the earth under the shadow of a tree, and some of us might argue the tree and its shadow are the collective artwork of the earth, the water, and the sun.

All in all what we know is different from one of us to another one. Despite our differences in what we don’t know, together we have classified things that we know. For example we have classified stagnant organisms as plants, the ones that move toward a direction based on instinct as animals, and the ones that move with a purpose as humans.

Moving with a purpose should not be the only traits that make us different from other beings. Even a nut that falls from a tree might purposefully be moving toward a previously unknown force, the gravity. Humans, the brainiest artwork of their created unknown, are expected not to stay stagnant between the gravity and the falling nuts, but as advocated by one of our mythical shepherds to move with a higher purpose toward peace and harmony.

It is unfortunate that some of our real shepherds around the Qandil Mountains did not have the opportunity to move with a higher purpose and lost their lives to falling nuts. I beelive in the season of peace, the humanity should save the lives and the rights of other endangered shepherds in that area and around the world.