Patience and kindness are the two ways to reach the hearts of mankind

bonnie - China
Entered on December 24, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

This August, I reunite with my teacher Mrs Burt. She goes back to China and teaches in a school of Nanjing. I paid a visit to her in October.We had a pleasant, long talk.Plans or wishes are one of our topics.She said she never thought she belonged to somewhere.Then looking at me, she asked, “what about you?”

Since then, I start to ask myself. Where do I belong to? Is there a place that I should belong to?

Now I am teaching students who have plans to study abroad.They are always lost. They even don’t know which schools they are intested to apply.Their puzzled look is sad to watch. So I try to help them undersand the importance of the goals.

What is my goal? What kind of life do I want to?I keep thinking this question .

My colleague ,Liz gives me an answer. Liz is from USA.She sits across me from a desk. We share a lot.One day, she told me her English had improve a lot.She didn’t know some rules before she came to China. As a matter of a fact, I have learnt a lot from people around me . The more I learn, the more questions I have. In return,questions bring me to another surface of life. I remember some words from a radio show. “We are students since we were born. We always learn to survive.”

Now my answer to my teacher is I belong to somewhere. Where is somewhere? It is a place I feel so right.

I used to be a nurse, radio host, and editor. These previous experience help me to be a teacher. Sometimes , I feel the same happpiness from the different jobs. Incredibly, these two professions have something in common.Patience and kindness are the two ways to reach the hearts of mankind.

This learnt from my English teaching.This is I believe.