This I Believe

Carl - Marietta, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 23, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I Believe.

I believe in the transforming power of God in the human heart and life. From a young teenager, I have seen and felt God in and through Jesus Christ mold and direct my life and destiny. I am 60 years old, and I can say truthfully and deeply that all the well-worn, religious Christian hopeful sayings have come true and have become real for me. God has truly been my strength in stressful and difficult times, my Refuge in losing friends and relatives in death, my Guide in making career moves from mathematics to ministry. More than a Sunday habit, God in my life has been a daily reality and defining force. In the words of an old Puritan writer, I believe in the “life of God in the soul of man.”

Rather than being narrow and morose in my belief, I am happy, fulfilled and satisfied in my daily thinking and walk. God has helped me love all kinds of people with all kinds of needs, problems, beliefs and desires. He has helped me see through my own selfishness and pride to understand a bit, and truly only a bit, of the human condition. I believe God is good and that He is good all the time, whether we understand our times or not. I believe that He will cause me to finish this life well and be prepared to live hereafter.

My belief is not smugness nor a holier-than-thou attitude. My own stumblings and waywardness have convinced me, nearly daily, that “there but for the grace of God go I.” I believe I am no better than anyone else, and I believe that any accomplishments in my life have been due to His kindness and grace freely given and undeserved.

My belief has helped me pray with the mother in a hospital waiting room struggling to understand the sudden death of her infant. My belief has caused me to weep over human injustices, both at home and abroad. My belief has made me acutely aware that all of us need to pray more, love more and hope more for one another. From the newborn baby to the elderly man or woman, my belief spans the years and troubles and helps me make some sense of this life and its journey.

I believe in a God who wants the very best for humanity. I believe in a God who loves us as we are to make as what he wants us to be. This is my hope, my life and my belief.