This I Believe

Silvi - Brooklyn, New York
Entered on December 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

Have you ever been to the beach where there were no running, screaming kids or huge beach umbrellas to block your view? Where it’s just you and the peacefulness of the soft summer sea? Well, I have…and I’ve found that the experience can surely awaken your senses.

Picture this: it’s a beautiful, bright day with the water shimmering a brilliant blue. The gentle breeze lightly stirs the sand. As you’re walking through the hot yellow grains, getting closer to the water, the intoxicating aroma of sea salt encircles you. You can feel the sun’s heat radiating off your skin, warming your soul. The sound of water lapping against the shore, the soft swish of the summer waves invites you in. Everything in the world seems to float away. Now, that’s powerful.

I think one of my true loves is nature. No, I’m not a tree-hugging hippie or a protesting environmentalist (though I do think we should take care of our planet). It’s just that I’m always amazed by the tranquility and breathtaking beauty that nature always seems to exude. It’s impossible to feel troubled or unhappy when you’re surrounded by the quiet splendor of the earth’s most moving creations. That’s why I believe in them.

Nature is pure. It’s calm and cool and always there for you, no matter where you go. But it can also be lush, full, and brimming with life. My favorite part of nature is the nighttime. When it gets dark, I like to just lay on the grass somewhere outdoors and look up at the world spread out before me. I get this feeling running through my veins when I see the vast blackness of the sky. It’s like knowing that you’re just a small, tiny dot on the face of the earth – but still a part of it all the same.

I feel that many people take nature for granted. To some, the sun rising just means that it’s time to get up again, the powdery white snow is just a substance that’s shoveled and blackened by the next day, and trees are merely tall green things blocking the daylight. But I take pride in appreciating the outside world. When I’m resting under the shade of a giant, towering tree, I feel connected to everything. Like I’m not alone. And it helps to know that there’s always a place I can go when I need to feel that piercing clarity that only the energy of the whipping wind can give me.