This I Believe

William - Bedford, New York
Entered on December 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love, question

A True Feeling

People always say, “don’t worry about it, this is all just a small part of your life, you’re young.” But when does it become important or real? Why is friendship now expected to end, and just be “childhood friendship”? When do major events become life-changing, and not just someone being immature? I disagree with people who say this. Why should this fifteen years be any more trivial than when you’re 30?

What really upsets me more than anything about this feeling is the thought that love now is the opposite of the word: meaningless and dispensable. Why is a true feeling at this age, less important than a true feeling in 20 years? Even if it is less intense, it still affects someone in the same way; it completely shakes your foundation. Just because you’re older and numbed to parts of feeling, doesn’t make love at this age fake. It’s like saying that joy now is meaningless; real joy is only possible when you’re an a adult.

Age shouldn’t matter when it comes to deep, real feeling. Yes, experience is important, but doesn’t that make those feelings more important now? Especially such scarring feelings like true hurt after the destruction of a family. It doesn’t make any sense for young pain to be trivial. Even though it might go away eventually, it is still just as intense now. Even after my parents were divorced, people said to me, “don’t worry about it, this is all just a small part of your life, your young.” This is quite frankly an ignorant and horrible thing to say.