This I Believe

alex - wheaton, Illinois
Entered on December 21, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This might not be an essay about what I believe,but rather what i don’t believe in. the society created feeling doesn’t make sense to me, especially when i see how much it affects some people. I believe that embarrassment is an over exaggerated, unnecessary feeling, and to let it go would simply make our lives better.

I started thinking about this when i noticed how embarrassed people got over little stupid things like driving with their gas gap open. Just get over it and laugh at yourself. towards the more serious end of the spctrum is the threat of embarrassment that prevents us from being ourselves. it seems that everyone is so quick to pounce on someone who acts differently, which then makes people all act in the same boring uniform fashion. i think that a part of you dies when you buckle to this mindless, acceptable behavior. so i try to be myself always, regardless of who’s watching. if I want to wear a funny hat one day, play with kid toys in the waiting room, or go down the street dancing, I will, because it keeps my spirit alive.

sometimes it’s hard to ignore the feelings of embarrassment, but i have found inspiration. the biggest source has to be my two friends who have mental disabilities. I admire them because they are never trying to fit in; they are free from embarrassment; they are themselves 100 percent of the time. Niel and Erika are the happiest kids i know. If they can be happy, I should too.

Also there are the “wierd” kid, the ones most people make fun of. Well I believe that being weird is the spice of life. I believe that everyone is weird; if not, they are just covering it up. I admire the weirdos for embracing who they are; I think we need more weirdos in the world today. It happens all to often, you get to know one person, and you know them all. I for one want to meet individuals, people who have built their bery being from the ground up. Taking what other people say and do only as mere thought.

Most of our greatest historical figures were considered “weirdos”: Albert Einstien, Galileo, and Abe Lincoln to name a few. But they didn’t give in and surpress their passions and ideas. Instead they pout their beliefs on a banner and marched down Main Street taking on any challengers. And today, that’s why we still learn about them, they are heroes.

I believe that living a life free form the grips of embarrassment will in fact enhance your life. I know that it has helped me build my charactor and confidence in my self. The thought of embarrassment only holds you back, preventing you from doing great things. so let’s forget about it, get out there on the giant stage called life, and let loose. I guarantee you won’t regret it, I know I never have.