This I Believe

Orlando - Carol Stream, Illinois
Entered on December 21, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Changing into my pads at the beginning of practice is probably the thing I dread most about football. When you first walk into the locker room the ten foot walk to my locker, that should take five seconds, ends up taking about ten minutes while having to dodge and spin through random kids as you would on a Friday night. The next part of the locker room is its smell. The stenches of unwashed clothing sting the nostrils as I walk to change into my pads. Next, and the worst part, the rank smell and the cold wet feeling when I slide my pants and jersey on are dreadful.

The second worse part of practice has to be individuals. Individuals is an approximately twenty minute period, which feels like five hours, where we meet with our individual coaches to work on our own personal strengths and weakness’s. Individuals always begin by Coach Kadera yelling his favorite word, “BIGGIES!” As we here the word biggies a less painless thought crosses our minds, sprinting onto Geneva and getting hit by a car.

We begin by doing several simple drills, such as pass drills and zone steps, but we quickly move onto our real practice, sleds. Sleds may come early in the individual time period or may come later but we always know when they are coming by the smirk on Coach Kadera’s face. Our sled is a seven man sled but it is also a very light sled so when we drive it we only use five of us and leave two spots open to create a bigger challenge for us. We usually start off with short bursts, where we drive the sled for a couple of seconds and finish. After we do shorts bursts, for a couple of minutes, we move onto our long and dreadful drives. By the time we begin the long drives we are completely tired and so sore we can hardly bend down to get into your stance. These long drives are atrocious.

The last part of practice is conditioning, which can also relate to the conclusion in a paper. By the time we get to our conditioning we’re exhausted and the only thing on our mind is “man, I can’t wait to get through with this so I can go home”. The same exact thing goes into a conclusion of a paper; I am currently tired and exhausted in study hall two periods before paper is due wondering how your going to get enough thoughts into the paper to fulfill the two page requirement.