This I Believe

David - Des Plaines, Illinois
Entered on December 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

Have you ever been left out of a sport or picked last? You probably have unless you are the coach’s son or best friend. This is wrong and needs to come to an end. I believe that everyone should have a fair shot at what they want. This does not just apply to sports. It also comes up in school and in the work environment. Being selected for something should not be determined by popularity or money, race or age, or the size that you are. In schools people should have the choice to where they want to go. It should not be their race that will choose the school that they will attend. All people should have a fair opportunity at what their heart desires. All people are created equal that’s what it says in the Declaration of Independence. If what we fought for was equality, then why don’t people get their chance to be equal? People need to have a say in what they want, not have other people choose the path for them.

In 2005 I played football for Maine West High School. Their football team was not that great, but that was not going to stop me from going out for my favorite sport. Before the school year started, we had to go to a camp. The camp consisted of two-a-day workouts. I busted my butt off in the camp so that I would have a chance to play. The season began and there I was 250 pounds sitting on the sidelines while a 100 pound kid played in my spot on the defensive line. To me, that is poor coaching and is probably the reason that our quarterback was sacked every time. The only reason he was there was because his dad was best friends with the couch. To our couch it is if you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours and because of that many kids did not get to play. I should not say did not play. We got to go into the game when our team was down 47-7 in the fourth quarter with one minute left on the clock. Which meant that we got to go in to watch the quarterback take a kneel. Since then I have never played football and my dream of playing on the NFL has been ruined. All because I did not get a fair shot at what I wanted.

I believe that everyone should have a fair shot at what they want. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and may disagree with what I believe. Those people that disagree are probably the coach’s sons who can care less because they are already playing and getting what they want.