This I Believe

Richard - Lake Oswego, Oregon
Entered on December 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Alex Smith

December 17, 2007

I can’t find a bonafide superstar on the international stage or even national stage that is really worthy of my praise. A true hero is what I’m looking for.

A hero to me is someone who lives a clean lifestyle, works hard and sets a good example not just in front of the camera or on the photo shoot. They should help people, be determined and chase their dreams. A hero has to make me want to go do something good just at a glance of me looking at them. Also, a hero has to have a good sense of right and wrong so second nature they think about having a designated driver before going to a party.

I have this opinion because I’m tired of hearing my sister begging me to watch Parent Trap, and five minutes later she got arrested for DUI or drug possession. How about watching Michael Vick hi-lights while listening to an ESPN legal analyst debate if he has already played his last game as a Falcon? People- how hard is it to realize that you will get arrested for doing something illegal. COME ON!

I’m still waiting for my hero. My personal hero is my grandpa. But I’m not really thinking about a personal hero—I’m thinking about a hero the whole nation can embrace. This isn’t a NASCAR driver who makes left-hand turns all day long, or a pop star who loses his popularity and his senses after one album. I have a hard time believing Jay-Z would stop singing about drugs and guns and start encouraging Salvation Army donations instead.

My grandpa is heroic in so many small ways: he’s wise and kind; he’s generous with his time and his help; he’s faithful to his church and his family, and he loves everyone he comes into contact with. Maybe there’s a lesson there. It’s the ordinary people who are real heroes. Instead of looking to celebri-heroes to fill that role, we should be looking closer to home to people who can make a difference in our lives and in the world in their own ordinary, special ways.