This I Believe

Kevin - Durango, Colorado
Entered on December 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Dirt biking has always been fun for me to watch ever since I was very little. When I was eight or nine I used to love sitting on the front porch of my dads house with my little cousins and watch my uncle drive up and down the street doing wheelies and power slides.

I was always asking my dad to get a dirt bike. All he would do is tease me, telling me that all I would do is hurt my self and that my mom would have a cow.

It wasn’t till two years ago when my dad had moved out of my uncles house, and now had a girl friend, That I got a dirt bike. My dad had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and as usual I said “ Dirt bike” Expecting the usual comment and it came as usual. Except on the day of my birth day my dad told me to go look in the garage. I couldn’t see any thing so I opened the garage door. As it slowly opened I saw a yellow dirt bike just sitting there. My heart raced as I went and sat on it.

That day was the day I first crashed it hurt the worst to. I was persistent though and was on it again the next day. Ever since then I have advanced in my skills of dirt biking. I am no longer scared to do wheelies and power slides as my uncle did when I was younger.

I have probably crashed about two dozen plus times. As I said the first crash hurt the most. After that first crash I could not move my head for about one to two weeks.

My Dad has moved from his old house out in the middle of now were to a little cabin in the woods. I have explored a lot of trails up in the mountains. I thought that it was fun in the middle of no were. But it is a lot more fun in the mountains Were I can go as fast as I want and go up any trail the Department of Wildlife will let me.