This I Believe

Lizzy - Pearl River, New York
Entered on December 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that a grade does not determine a person’s intelligence.

Does getting a high grade on a test really mean that a student has a higher intelligence than another student who may have gotten a lower grade? The answer is no.

To get a good grade on a test, most students just memorize the information that is handed to them by a teacher. Then they can walk out from taking the test with a 100. But did they understand what they just had a test for, or did they just memorize the material without taking the time to know what it means.

But on the other hand, there could have been a student that knew the material very well, but maybe he or she got a lower grade than the student who does not understand the material. Maybe the student with a lower grade is just not a good test taker, and didn’t do well because of nerves of getting a bad grade or anything that may have been happening at home.

A School does not recognize the difference of learning something and really understanding it, or just memorizing the information just to get a good grade. To the school the grade that was made on the test is what is important, and is what shows how well the student is doing in school. But how can somebody be doing well if they don’t know what they are doing, and they only know, because they were able to memorize it.

A student who stays inside all day to study for upcoming test, may understand the curriculum, but could they survive in the outside world like someone who goes out, and learns more about their surroundings. If a student was to study within a week before the test, that is a good amount to be able to do well on the test, and give them plenty of time to do other things. The students who don’t spend their whole day studying inside, can go outside to play with other children, and they would have more social skills; and the child who was studying inside would not have many social skills in the future, and might not be able to hold up a conversation with another person. Every thing that you need to know, after school and college, just like getting your way around, can’t be found in a textbook anywhere. It is something that you have to pick from doing a lot, and starting at a young age is a good and fast way to learn. So in conclusion the person who may get average grades really will know important things for the outside world over the student that studies an excessive amount. Common sense is a large part of someone’s intelligence, it can teach him or her how to act towards strangers, or how to get through. And not every one can just pick up on common sense, you don’t read it in a book.