This I Believe

Marianna - Pearl River, New York
Entered on December 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I am in my sophomore year of high school, and I have just now realized that I will be thinking about going off to college soon. Everyone who has graduated says that these are the best days of our lives; they all say, “to never leave high school.” Sure there are the ups and downs to living the college life, but the most fun is being with the friends you’ve made since kindergarten when we first met and fifth grade when we mixed our elementary schools.

I have just today signed up for my PSAT this weekend, and next year I am taking the real test, which could determine which college accepts me. I remember just two years ago watching the season finale of Laguna Beach, when all of the friends said good-bye to each other. It was very emotional. Then when I was watching my older brother graduate that same year, he was saying good-bye to his friends. It was a very strange feeling to think that only two years from now I will be saying good-bye to my best friends, some of whom I’ve known since the second grade. It is a crazy feeling to think that one day, you will leave behind the town you’ve grown up in and the people you’ve built relationships with.

At the end of every summer when we are all saying, “I hate school,” always in the back of my mind, I almost always want to go back. After a few months of fun and vacationing with friends, it is nice to see everybody. These people I see in the hallways everyday make up my life, and I’m going to graduate with them, then go off to college with some of them. I should be having the best times with them. I should be living my life.

Before my time is up here though, I really want to enjoy every minute of it. Every single game, pasta party, class, lunch, weekend, everything I want to experience and have fun with it all. To think one day I will wake up and won’t be able to see my best friends everyday, or play soccer. Sebastian J. Ystrom once said, “Love the life you live, live the life you love” and from here on out I’m going to live my life with an all out with enthusiasm. Why waste another day moping around about nothing? I’m going to get out there and live my life. I always think you are not going to be able to live the best moments of your life over, and you can’t relive the past, so make the most of everything! Love the life you live, live the life you love.