The Waltz of Life

Genevieve - huntsburg, Ohio
Entered on December 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

Genevieve Yeater started School in Chardon then moved to Grand Valley where she spent most of her school life. Half way through her sophomore year she switched to cardinal High school. She has always wanted to continue on after high school at Hiram College for their arachnitology program. After School she wants to go into the medical field with the science of spiders to back her.

I believe that if Life were a song it would be a waltz played too fast, because it’s a pretty song that seems to go too quickly. Sometimes life is full and enriching and long. But then there are times when life is ripped out when the person hasn’t had enough time.

Beth Anne was twenty nine years old she had always been sick but it was under control. She had a brittle case of diabetes; she was diagnosed with it when she was seven. She never complained or fussed and was always saying “its not that bad other people have life worse off.” She was one of the most amazing people I knew. Five years ago my family found out that she needed to have a transplant for a new kidney and pancreas. Tests were done and a match was found, me. But I wasn’t old enough. When I turned sixteen then I could have undergone the surgery and then give the gift of life to Beth Anne, my aunt. When I turned sixteen Beth passed away. She was young and should have had a whole life in front of her. But because of an unknown cause she passed away on July 17, 2007. Just twelve days before her seventh wedding anniversary. The medical field is now using her case as a new training for the future so as to hopefully save someone else’s life.

Josh turned seventeen this year. He was a senior and had a job on his family’s farm. They raised big show horses. He wasn’t very nice but he had a large group of friends. He was good looking and was almost popular. He was driving down the road and crashed his car. He was killed on impact. He should have had a full life in front of him, but it was cut short. He and I never really got along, we grew up together, but we were never really friends. He was just an acquaintance but now it doesn’t matter, he is gone at the age of seventeen.

When I was little it seemed like I would never finish school but now it seems like it is flying too fast. I can’t grasp on to it to make it slow down and it almost feels like tomorrow I will wake up and already be in college or even worse out in the real world. Even though life may end short or it may last for a very long time you have to make all of it you can. The waltz can’t start and just slip by, it needs to be danced to its fullest extent.