This I Believe

Samara - Pearl River, New York
Entered on December 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe all humans are here to help each other. Why else would we be here, all on the same earth? When people help others, they not only give answers to the persons they helped, but make themselves better people in the process.

A couple months ago, I was in the doctor’s office and the nurse was doing the usual blood pressure, temperature, etc. For the past couple months I was going through a really tough time. As the nurse was doing her tests, she suddenly stopped what she was doing and just started talking to me. She asked me how I was. When I told her some of the rough things I was going through, what she said made such a difference. She told me that I could make it through it all, accomplish anything, you know, the usual stuff your parents tell you. This nurse made her advice to me so personal, what mattered was somebody took the time to actually care about me, even though I was a total stranger to her. Somehow she just knew that her words of wisdom would make me feel better. Little did she know, what she said gave me much more. I still think about that day, when the nurse no only took the simple tests, but also gave me courage, strength and hope to keep going.

Not everyone may be able to relate to this story directly, but everyone should be able to relate to giving or getting help. If everyone did more nice things for someone else, I really believe that this world would be a better place. Any one can help someone else, and I’m sure that no one would complain about getting some helpful advice. So for anyone that believer in love and peace, try this: Every day try to do something nice for someone you love, an acquaintance, and a complete stranger. It doesn’t really matter hat you do; even a simple compliment would be nice, as long as it does good for that person. If the person ever wants to give something back to you in return, tell him or her to pay it forward instead. Try to tell your friends about this idea, because for every person, involves, one more person will have a better day!