This I Believe

Andrew - State College, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: morality

Pulling The Strings

We all go through days that are too long, most likely Monday to Friday, or days that are far too short, which coincidently seem to coincide with our weekends, funny how that works out isn’t it? In all of these long, seemingly endless days we as human beings will encounter a wide range of emotions, ranging from raging mad to ecstatically happy, and believe it or not, all of these emotions culminate in to one giant action that is never lost on anyone. Ever. This I believe, manipulation is the culmination of emotion.

I find it very hard to relate this statement to everyone but instead shall attempt to give examples through my own experience, and hope that you will be able to connect it to your lives yourselves. No matter what emotion is involved, when it reaches its limits it will turn to manipulation, if you are fed up with someone you will be mean to them, and the most powerful meanness is not direct but rather discreet, rather than direct insults I go for a more indirect approach, often walking my target into their self made trap. A little too much, well there are two sides to every coin, not everyone is in a good mood all of the time, and when they are it is good to keep them that way, even if it means manipulating them, even if it is just to the extent of telling them that they look nice if they don’t or letting them win that one round, either way, no matter how subtle a tweaking of the circumstances is considered manipulation. At this time I’m realizing that this is turning a little too dark and cynical, but I implore you to keep in mind how hard a subject it is to explain, writing down pure emotion is hard so try and stick with me here. If ever you find your self wanting o make someone happy you try to manipulate heir emotions, and in turn make them happy, the same goes for when you want to hurt someone. Now, through the reading of all this one might get the idea that I am validating hurting people or lying, but I’m not, I am just merely saying how I live my life, to quote Muhammad Ali, “Birds fly, waves pound the sand, and I beat people up.” Such wisdom is profound and I hope not to taint it by tacking on, I believe manipulation is the sincerest form of emotion.