This I Believe

Lindsey - Georgia
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: legacy

Putting life into Perspective

By Lindsey Elvidge

When you are born you aren’t thinking about dying. You are carefree. As you get older you start becoming more adventurous and watching scary PG13 movies. In those movies the characters are narrowly escaping death or are being murdered. Then you grow up a little more and start to drive. Your parents get you a car and fear is instilled in their minds. You are living life on the edge, sneaking out late and driving your car like a professional NASCAR driver.

Then one day you get in a car accident or just get a ticket. No major damage in the accident just a totaled car and a minor concussion. You got off easy. That near fatal accident puts your life in perspective. I had one of those experiences. I wasn’t driving or hurt though but my father was. We were on a family vacation a few years ago when the roads started to ice. We had spent the entire day riding the slopes and drinking steaming, hot cocoa. As we drove down the road reminiscing on our great day we noticed a huge car pile up. At that same instance cars started swerving and going in every direction possible. The road we were on was very dangerous. It was a curve on a mountain side without guard rails. My dad slammed on the brakes barely avoiding joining the pile-up. The car in front and behind us came inches to crashing into us which would have knocked us down to earth. Once the car stopped my dad made the rest of the family get out of the car and get to safety. I knew my dad had to be thinking, “What am I going to do? Am I going to survive this?” The car was closer to the edge. It seemed as if the ice was jumping around under all the cars tires. Many other drivers got out of their car to try to help. They all had their own ideas on the safest solutions to save my dad and the car. Some of the drivers weren’t too bright. One suggested putting the car in reverse. That would have led to the bottom of the cliff. Great idea, I was so afraid that I was losing my dad as I watched in fear of them pushing the car up more to safety.

After this I started to view life as more precious and valuable. I believe in living life to the fullest. You never know when you will get caught on icy roads in North Carolina or have a heart attack. I believe in what John Warren said. He said, “Learn as if you were to live forever, live as if you were to die tomorrow.” Now I will never pass up an opportunity to improve myself or have the experience of a life time. I am no longer afraid of the little things because life is too short to fear it. Cicero said, “The life given to us by nature is short, but the memory of a life well spent is eternal.” When I read this I realized that it is completely true. I believe in making the best out of our time here on earth. I believe in trying my best to treat others how I would want to be treated. I believe everyone has a story and you may never know what they are going through so you should always think before you say something hurtful. I will never pass up another opportunity to do something, even something small, to make someone’s day.

I believe in leaving behind a legacy. When my time here on earth is up I don’t want to be remembered as the girl with the really pretty, long, straight hair. I want to be remembered as kind, thoughtful and a hardworking woman. I believe life doesn’t last forever and you could die at anytime. How would you want to be remembered?

You don’t have to be a celebrity or superstar to make a difference. I believe the average person has what it takes to put aside their comfort zone to better the lives of those around them. One person can make a difference. I believe in my short time on earth I can make a difference. How do you want to spend your life? I believe we are all in this together and God is watching over us. God will be there for us no matter what the circumstance. This I believe to be true.